Gnomie Sing Along featuring: “Everybody has a Butt” by essence goldman.

gnomie sing along

Gnomie Sing Along- featuring the super fun song: “Everybody has a Butt” by essence goldman. From the album “A Dog Named Moo & His Friend Roo”. MyKaZoo Music/Universal Music Enterprises
$1.99- available for iPhone and iPad
(recommended for ages 4 – 7)

Gnomie Sing Along apps lets YOUR CHILD be the star of their own music video! Come sing along with essence goldman to her super catchy, light-hearted song about how everybody, from pirates to sea urchins, has a butt! Learn the song from the animated video and then sing along as the words flash across the screen. Application records video and audio from your performance and compiles it with whimsically illustrated characters from the Gnomie world.  Then you’ll have your own personalized music video that your child will love and you can share with friends and family on the web!

Application Highlights:

·      Intuitive interface for independent use by young children

·      Custom music videos easily shared by parents via Email, Facebook, and YouTube

·      Hand-drawn art by award-winning illustrator Aleks Petrovitch

Use of the musical composition and lyrics of “Everybody Has a Butt” and the use of Essence Goldman’s likeness, biographical information, marks and/or logos in this mobile device application is with permission under license. (P) 2011 Essence Goldman © 2011 Monkey Cat Music (ASCAP), Lara-Miya Milrod and Jeffrey Pease.  All rights reserved.