Welcome to Gnomie- a very brief introduction. January 20, 2015 09:24

Photo by Andria Lo


I’m Gnomie, and along with my friend Devin, I run a small blue (aqua blue, to be precise) surf shop in San Francisco.

Before I got too busy running a retail store, I used to draw- like all the time! My obsession with drawing started out as a wee gnome, I drew upon everything!

Drawing was my way of communicating, and it is still easier for me to communicate visually than by using words. When I was very young I was fascinated and inspired by picture books for children, so much so, that a very early age I decided that is what I was going to do. Much later, I illustrated some projects you might know, like the Tallest Tree and Light House Stacking blocks for the Golden Gate National Parks Association, and many other illustrated projects.

Then I stopped drawing. Running a retail job needed my full attention, I had a lot to learn. The challenges of running an efficient inventory, managing others constructively, and continually getting along well with my business partner all required a lot of practice. So I stopped drawing for five years!

Picture by Andria Lo

It was unlike me not to draw. I began to think about how I could get back to illustration projects. Around the same time I noticed children enjoying tablets and smart phones, and what really stood out- for the most part, was that they were far more proficient at navigating between apps than their parents. So in 2009 I founded the digital publishing brand Gnomie, where I could self publish my own children’s books (soon other talented creative’s too) on the iPhone and iPad. The first goal was to bring the hand drawn style of the books I loved as a kid to these modern devices- so when you can’t always travel with a printed book you can still read your child an enchanting story with art and story both child and parent can connect with.

 So welcome to the world of Gnomie, please take a moment and check out some of our apps. Currently we are working on many exciting projects so stay in touch.

Most of all thank you for your support and encouragement!- Gnomie