Gnomie talks with Ben of Woodchuck (Wood cases for your iPhone and iPads) January 20, 2015 09:24



I am ALWAYS dropping my iPhone!
I hear it ring, quickly pick it out of my pocket, often to fumble it right out of my hand- or I leave it in my lap while driving, and of course forget about it until I hear it slap the pavement as I get out of my car. Always anxious while picking it up, then turning it over to see if the force of the fall cracked the screen.

So I have had my phone overdressed in a case that resembles a mini Michelin Man.

Recently, I got to meet Ben of Woodchuck, and see some of his awesome cases for phones and tablets. I’ve always wanted a wood case. My new Woodchuck case has a slim silhouette that fits the outline of my phone perfectly so it feels comfortable in my pocket, and in my hand the wood grain gives it a perfect grip so it does not go flying- to the pavement, in the sand, or worse yet into the toilet!

So I wanted to ask Ben a few questions about his products and help get the word out to people whom might want an awesome wood case for their phone or tablet:

Ben please tell us a little about how Woodchuck came about, and how you come upon this space in the market?

You bet Gnomie!  WOODCHUCK started as a late night college idea to put some wood on my iPhone. I’m a big nature guy and loved the look of the wood on my phone! I got a ton of comments on it and then started selling them to friends! After the demand was too big to keep up with I brought on my Buddy to help me start selling the cases in retail stores! We got our business filed, and then started selling to college bookstores and local shops. Now, just a year and a half later you can find WOODCHUCK on, and now in Target Stores starting October 6th!

What is your function (a more interesting way of asking what is your work/school background) Did you work with wood/furniture previously?

I worked in my uncle’s cabinetry shop and as an Architectural intern in the past. I’ve always been a builder/ creator and love to come up with new ideas. Being a big outdoors guy myself I thought this was the perfect solution to cover my electronics! Now at WOODCHUCK i’m the design guy and work on selling the product into big box stores like Best Buy and Target!

How is wood the right material for protecting such electronic devices?

Currently, most people can only find plastic cases that are made in china. We’re offering a beautiful, and way more awesome way to protect your devices. Our motto is “A World more connected to nature”. Although we’re just protecting your electronics, WOODCHUCK is a daily reminder to get outside, enjoy the outdoors, and put some nature back into your life!

I and I know others love products designed and manufactured in our country- expand a little more on your reasons for being made in the U.S.A?

“MADE in the USA”  is a deeper phrase than just the simple words. It means jobs for people in our country, supporting the US economy, and pride for the people that use it! Although it costs more more to make WOODCHUCKS in the US, we believe in supporting our country and the jobs that make it run!

Thanks to Ben and Woodchuck, To look at some of Woodchuck’s cases simple do a clicky!

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