About Gnomie

Based in San Francisco, California, Gnomie was founded by artist, surfer, creator and all around good gnome Aleks Petrovitch. The emphasis is to bring the classic warmth and aesthetic of the hand drawn art that we loved as children into the modern age. With a hugely entertaining app and comfy shirts featuring nature-based art, Gnomie creates goodies that both you and your children will love.

Aleks simply wants to make “Rad Stuff For Kids”, and this is more than evident with his beautiful shirts. Screened right here in San Francisco on American Apparel t-shirts, your kids will love wearing Gnomie designs. Many more are in the works, but for now they select designs are available online and at Aqua Surf Shop. Contact us if you would like to carry them in your shop!

On the digital side, Aleks created the Gnomie Sing-a-long app, which records audio/video of your child and puts them smack dab in their own music video!  Your child will LOVE making the videos for family and friends and enjoy watching them over and over again.  Parents also have the ability to share the video with friends and family through their favorite social networks.

About Aleks Petrovitch

Aleks (aka ‘Gnomie’ or ‘Petro) is a happy little dude who likes to draw, surf, and hike. He graduated from the University of Hawaii, and received his Masters of Illustration from the Academy of Art College right here in San Francisco. His focus is to create colorful drawings designed to educate about nature and spark creativity in children and adults alike. He is a designer of the best-selling and award-winning Redwood and Lighthouse Stacking Block sets and children's board books for the Golden Gate National Park Conservatory. You can also find him selling surf wax at his day-job, where he is co-owner of Aqua Surf Shop on Judah street.

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