Gnomie Sing-A-Long

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Your child is the star in an animated music video.

Gnomie Sing-a-long

Featuring the song “Everybody Has a Butt” by award-winning singer-songwriter and My Kazoo/Universal Music Enterprises artist essence goldman, from her record A Dog Named Moo & His Friend Roo.
 - iPhone and iPad

Recommended for ages 6-8





Kids will laugh out loud while singing along to this light-hearted song about how everybody from dinosaurs to porcupines has a butt. Your child can watch a beautifully illustrated video and then sing along as the lyrics appear across the screen in an easy to follow karaoke style, and follow it up with a video of their own. 

The Gnomie Sing-a-long app records the audio and video performance, compiling it with the wonderfully animated world of Gnomie characters. Your child will LOVE making the videos for family and friends and enjoy watching them over and over again. The video can be viewed on the original device by your kids. Parents also have the ability to share the video with friends and family through their favorite social networks or simply via email in an area zoned for parents and protected by an age verification gate.